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PGD Pink Diamond Stud Earrings Set in 14K Rose Gold - 1.09 ctw

Pink Diamond Earrings
1.09 ctw



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Here is a similar pair of fancy pink diamond earrings.

Does she love pink? Does she love brilliantly sparkling diamonds? Of course she does! Now she can have both. Absolutely stunning pink diamond earrings. These lab grown diamonds are identical in every way to "mined" diamonds. Chemically, physically and optically. Except they are eco-friendly and conflict free. And affordable.

Pink diamonds are ultra rare. Until now the average person couldn't afford a pink diamond of this size (unless you want to spend about $75,000 for these earrings!)

Each stone is over a 1/2ct. One is .53ct and the other .56ct, for a total weight of 1.09ctw. Their clarity is exceptionally high - VVS2 and VS2. Even a trained gemologist using 10x power magnification has a difficult time locating any inclusion. They are also cut to ideal standards. Combining the high clarity, with the ideal cut and the pink hue you end up with incredible sparkle and scintillation. You've never seen anything like this.

Set in 14K Rose Gold mountings. The diamonds are also lab graded by IGI for your peace of mind.

Make her year with a gift of these gorgeous pink diamond earrings.

Want to know more about lab grown pink diamonds?




Pure Grown Diamonds

Diamond Weight:

1.09 ctw

Diamond Clarity:

VVS-2 & VS-2

Diamond Color:

Fancy Light Orangy Pink

Lab Certificate:

IGI 3909114801A & B


14K Rose Gold

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PGD Pink Diamond Stud Earrings Set in 14K Rose Gold - 1.09 ctw$4,295.00
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