Conflict-Free Diamonds

What it Means to be Conflict Free

  • We get it. Buying a diamond is a big deal. It will become your symbol of eternal devotion. Everything about your diamond should be pure and ethical. Right dow to where it came from...and who mined it...and why.

  • An ethical diamond is a conflict free diamond. Of course, your beloved might want a vintage engagement ring. In this case, we can't possibly know the origin of the diamond(s). No one has a time machine.

  • But if you choose a new or custom design for your true love, we have you covered. We ensure our loose diamonds come from a clean, conflict free origin. Our loose diamonds are purchased from certified Kimberly Process distributors.

The Kimberly Process

What on earth is a Kimberley Process?

  • An effort by the global diamond industry to ensure diamonds don't fund terrorists. Remember Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Blood Diamond? Profits from illegal diamonds enable evil people to wreak havoc.

  • Kimberley Process members can only purchase diamonds from other members. There are 54 members. Between them, they represent over 80 countries. So the good guys are squeezing out the blood diamond dealers.

  • The Process and its rules have had other beneficial effects. Members are working to stop exploitation of diamond mine workers. They are working to make sure diamonds are extracted with minimal impact on the environment.

  • Our Yates & Co Guarantee

    Our loose diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict free. We only purchase loose diamonds from certified Kimberley Process distributors.