24K Gold & Platinum Dipped Roses

24K Gold Hand Dipped Roses

Real roses from the earth that are preserved and accented with precious metal. If you look closely at the rose and you may see the veins of the petals and/or the thorns on the stem.

It's all done by hand. And it actually takes 40 steps. Each rose is handpicked then it is disassembled very carefully so as to not damage any part of the flower. Each part of the rose is lacquered and accented in 24 Karat Gold or Platinum. After accenting, the rose is carefully put back together. Each rose is different, and sometimes you can even find a little dew drop imprint on the petals. These beautiful roses make a romantic collectible gift.

A Rose to Last Forever.

How long do gold dipped roses last?

Simply put, these roses will last forever. It will never wilt or dry up and wither. Years after your sweetheart receives her gold dipped rose it will still look as beautiful as the day you gave it to her. Every time she looks at it she can't help but remember the special times and the love that went into her gift.

Not all gold dipped roses are the same

Buyer beware - not all gold dipped roses are the same quality. Some manufacturers just don't take the necessary steps and time to create top quality ones. The companies that skip some of the steps do this to save time so they can sell them a few dollars cheaper. But this comprises the beauty, and they do not pay attention to the intricate details. This results in a rose that doesn't look real since they don't have the delicacy, intricate features and pattern of the rose. You do get what you pay for.

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