Elysium Black Diamond Rings

Elysium - Solid Black Diamonds


What are Elysium black diamond rings? Simply put, they are rings made of diamond. No, they are not crushed black diamonds. They are genuine poly crystalline diamonds.

Why do guys love Elysium black diamond rings? They are the hardest ring in the universe. 100 times harder than tungsten rings. They are bio-compatible and 100% hypo-allergenic. The black is solid - goes all the way through the ring, so no scratching off of the black. They are scratch proof. The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond.

Each wedding band is approximately 25 carats of diamond. All Elysium black diamond rings come with a 1 year unconditional warranty.

More info about Elysium Black Diamond Rings

How are they made?
Using highly advanced scientific technology, a small diamond seed is placed in highly controlled laboratory environment. Here the rough diamond seed grows, atom by atom, and layer by layer - thus recreating the natural process that takes millions of years.

The lab grown poly crystalline diamonds are then crushed into powder. Using a binder (1-2% of a proprietary material) the crushed diamond powder is then heated to 2700 degrees F with 1 million pounds of pressure (PSI) for 8 minutes. The result of this high pressure and high heat is a beautifully forged Elysium solid diamond ring.

Is the color stable?
Yes, the color is black through and through the ring. It is black all the way to the core. The reason the rings are black is that when the diamond crystals are heated to 2700 degrees F, which sinters and fuses them together, the material is so dense now that it turns the color into an opaque black.

What if I see a "scratch" on my Elysium ring?
Elysium is made of diamond. The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond. Or a diamond-tipped tool, such as a diamond file.

So if you haven't purposely attacked your Elysium ring with the pointy end of a diamond or diamond tool, and you see a scratch, what is it? The marks you are seeing on the ring are what is call metal galling. Diamond is so hard that anything it touches will be softer and can rub onto the ring. It may appear as a scratch but in reality, it is just metal being scraped onto the ring. The best way to clean the metal off is to take some 300 grit sandpaper and just sand the ring. The metal marks will come right off the ring. Then you can grab a rag or paper towel and put a little neutral oil on it, like WD40, gun oil, or other, and wipe off the ring and bring it's finish back to original.

One customer was working with an aluminum pipe during the day. And he noticed what he thought were scratches. Upon closer examination using magnification, it was evident that those "scratches" were actually lines of aluminum that that was scraped from the metal pipes he was handling and deposited on the Elysium ring.

The metal galling is occasionally visible on matte finished Elysium rings. We have not seen it on high polished rings. The reason is that the matte finish has a texture that kind of traps these other metals it scrapes off.

More interesting things
Diamonds have an amazingly high thermal conductivity. Basically, they transfer heat at a higher rate than any other substance on earth. Since Elysium rings are diamond, they too will conduct heat super quickly too. So here's a fun thing to do. Grab an ice cube. Then take your Elysium Black Diamond Ring and hold it in your hand for 30 seconds. Then take your ring and press it against the ice cube so the ring opening is against the ice. Watch the ice cube as the ring will immediately burn a perfect circle right into it! Guys love doing this, it's fun. (Yes, I'm a guy and we are easily amused.)

Here's a video of showing how Elysium rings melt ice!

Have you ever seen a jeweler test to see if a gemstone is a diamond using a diamond thermal conductivity tester? When it's a diamond it beeps and the light turns green. Have your jeweler test your Elysium Black Diamond ring with their diamond tester. It's pretty cool to see your ring test out as a genuine diamond. If the diamond test isn't reading your Elysium ring as a diamond it is because of the type of diamond tester being used. The sintering process to create Elysium rings requires a small amount of proprietary material to act as a catalyst for the growth of the diamond crystals. Diamond testers that rely on electrical conductivity can be “confused” by the proprietary material and indicate that the ring is not diamond. Thermal testers, on the other hand, will confirm that the material is indeed diamond. Some testers have both thermal and conductivity options. On average, your ring will weigh about 25 carats. Smaller finger sizes will weigh less, and larger sizes will weigh more on the diamond weight scale.

The rings slip on an off like butter. The surface is very smooth (what else would you expect from a diamond, right?). The diamonds are not heavy and dense like other materials such as tungsten. The ring will weigh less than a karat gold, platinum or silver ring. Similar in weight to palladium, cobalt chrome or titanium.

Warranty: Your Elysium ring is covered with a one year warranty against breaking. If your ring breaks (it is rare) during the 1st year it will be replaced, $35 return shipping applies (international shipping costs vary). After the 1st year, not too worry you will never be stuck with a broken ring. Standard Elysium rings will be a $199 warranty fee. Elysium rings with engraving, diamonds or precious metals warranty claims are 25% off current retail price (MSRP).

Size Exchange: If your Elysium ring does not fit perfectly, you get one free size exchange (*excludes elysium rings with engraving and precious metal), $35 return shipping applies (international shipping costs vary).

Elysium rings with engraving, diamonds or precious metals can still be size exchanged for a 25% of current retail price (MSRP).

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