Dancing Diamonds

Our Dancing Diamond Collection features a diamond drop that is unencumbered by a bulky setting. The diamond is naked. Using laser beading technology, we are able to secure the diamond through a small hole in the diamond. The focus on on the beautiful diamond. Minimalist Beauty.

When worn all you see is a brilliant diamond sparkling. With every movement you make the diamond moves and glitters. These diamonds are perfect for the lady that already has a pair of diamond studs. They are unique and will add a fresh element to her diamond jewelry collection. The diamond quality is SI and G-I in color. The diamonds we choose for these earrings are Premium Cut, for superior sparkle and scintillation.

"Stunningly Beautiful! Not only is the design and execution of these earrings unique and stunning to view, the customer service given by Ron Yates was second to none! The care used in selecting beautiful stones that match for the pair of earrings is obvious and well-appreciated. I will definitely be returning to this jeweler for any of my jewelry needs/wants, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to everyone I know!"
- Teri Black, Salt Lake City, Utah

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