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February 15, 2022 - Brides Magazine


Yates Jewelers Brides Magazine


Brides Magazine mentions TWO rings from Yates Jewelers in their line up of "The Best Two-Stone Engagement Rings to Double the Fun" article.

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August 24, 2018 - Jewelers Circular Keystone Magazine


One of Yates Jewelers owners, Ron Yates, mentioned in JCK magazine about pink lab grown diamonds.

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Man made diamonds at Yates Jewelers


October 2015 - 209 Magazine


Read how the Yates' started their family run jewelry store from humble beginnings.

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December 30,2013 - Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Interview

Read a fabulously written article from Entrepreneur Magazine interviewing Ron & Mechelle Yates (owners of Yates & Co Jewelers and on the keys to balancing love & work when you work together.


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February 21 2012 - Modesto Bee

 Yates Jewelers Modesto Bee
We stood our ground! Check out what Jeff Jardine wrote about us in today's newspaper: "...One reader called Thursday morning to say she'd visited both of the traveling buyer outfits and couldn't believe how little they offered for her gold. So she took it to Yates and go twice as much."

Modesto Bee Article 2

February 16, 2012 - Modesto Bee

Yates Jewelers Modesto Bee
Yates & Co Jewelers mentioned in today's Modesto Bee newspaper!

"The GOLD WAR is heating up in Modesto!" Two out of town "gold & silver buying" traveling hotel buyer set up in town this week. The Bee ran a great article about how we are competing with them. From the article concerning the out of towners, "let the sellers beware....Their ads prompted a local jeweler to take out one as well, promising to beat their payouts by at least 10%...the folks at Yates & Co Jewelers on north McHenry Avenue set out to defend their local turf with a full page ad challenging the out-of-towners by promising to outpay them by at least 10 percent. And if they can't, they'll give you a $25 Starbucks card."

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