Facets Of Fire Diamonds

Love is better in color.
More color. More fire. More sparkle.


You've found each other. And saw in each other a spark bright enough to last a lifetime. Together your love has transformed a black-and-white world into one filled with infinite color, and endless possibilities. Forever embrace the color you bring to each other's lives with the one diamond that delivers an unimaginable level of colorful brilliance—The Facets of Fire™ Diamond.

What our customers say:

"When I opened my gift it was a 1 carat Facets of Fire Diamond ring. It is so beautiful and brilliant! The brilliant sparkle and color it radiates is so eye-catching it takes your breath away! I just absolutely love it.

Thanks Yates Jewelers!
- Brenda S, Oakdale, CA

The Diamond Revolution is Here.
More Color. More Fire. More Sparkle.

More than just stunningly beautiful, Facets of Fire Diamonds feature the most significant innovation* in diamond cutting in 100 years. The nano-technology perfected by our diamond master craftsmen etches thousands of invisible nano-prisms onto the pavilion of a beautifully polished, natural diamond, like “facets within facets." When white light passes through these nano-prisms, it releases a thrilling burst of color, known as a diamond's fire.

From diamond rings to engagement rings, loose diamonds, and more, a breathtaking collection of Facets of Fire™ diamonds awaits. Discover why love is better in color.

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