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Immediately, you notice that Galatea Jewelry is unlike any other designs. The reason is Chi Huynh. Chi is the founder and creative genius behind Galatea. Born in Vietnam, as a young boy Chi apprenticed in his fathers jewelry manufacturing shop. His father was very highly respected for his craft in that region and demanded excellence from his jewelers. Chi learned the lessons his father taught at an early age . At the age of 12, Chi left Vietnam on a harrowing journey eventually leading to the United States. Finally, in 1994 he started Galatea Jewelry.

Chi Huynh holds several U.S. patents for his jewelry manufacturing and pearl growing innovations. His designs have won many awards including America's International Pearl Design Competition, JCK Magazine's Jewelers Choice Awards, the Platinum Guild International Design Competition and the Tahitian Pearl Trophy Competition.

Galatea is famous for his hand carved pearls and gemstones. Some of the designs include a gemstone inside the pearl. Transforming pearls and gemstones into magnificent pieces of art!

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