Design Your Own Custom Ring or Jewelry!

Want to create your own special design?  Have an idea in mind, or have you seen a picture of a ring (or any piece of jewelry) that you just love?  We would love to help you!

Our team loves helping folks design amazing jewelry.   Every week folks work with us to create their own unique piece.  It's really a fun process for you and us.  

Whether you are in the Modesto area, or not, we can help.  Many of our clients are outside the area, so we can communicate via phone, email and live chat.


  • Restyle your outdated ring.  We can use your existing diamonds, or gemstones, and create something new.
  • Seen a picture on pinterest, or instagram, that you love?  Show us, and let's make it!
  • Inspired by a celebrity's ring, or jewelry?  We can make it, or scale it down to fit any budget.
  • See a piece in our store, or website, but want to tweak the design.  Very common request for us. 

Let's get together and make something truly unique and beautiful - just for you.

Questions: shoot us an email, hop on the live chat window, call us or come in and see us.

The Custom Process

CustomStep 1: Idea
CustomStep 2: CAD
CustomStep 3: Model
CustomStep 4: Finished Piece

Step 1: Idea - Have you seen a picture of a ring you just love? Maybe in a style magazine, or on a celebrity. We can work with you and sketch out your ideas. Customize the design to your diamond (or any gemstone) size and shape.

Step 2: CAD - Once we have the idea sketched out, we calculate measurements of width, depths, stone sizes, etc. Then a day or two later, we get a CAD (computer assisted design) drawing for you to look at.

Step 3: Model - After you approve the CAD drawing, it's time to build the wax mold. If you are really a hands on person, we can show you the wax mold. You can try it on for size and get a good idea of how the finished piece will look.

Step 4: Finished Piece - Then the real exciting part happens. The wax model is cast into your metal of choice - 14K, 18K, 20K white, yellow, green or rose gold; platinum or palladium. Stones are set, metal is polished, and any hand detailing is done. And you get to realize the masterpiece you helped to create!

Watch the video below for an idea of how the process works.