Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

Ladies Love Studs.

We've got them, from $299. Diamonds so sparkly they'll be throwing blinding rays of light off her lovely ear lobes. These aren't no mall quality diamonds, but seriously brilliant diamonds . For the picky lady.

As Elizabeth Taylor said, "Big girls need big diamonds." So error on the big side when you pick out a pair.

They are the gift that always fits. And they can grow over time with our 100% lifetime tradeup guarantee.

Don't see the diamond studs you're looking for?

Give us a call or an email. Let us help save you money on a perfect pair of diamond earrings.
Modesto's most beautiful diamond earrings.
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We can customize the size, color, clarity and cut to your requirements.

When high quality and sparkle are your top priorities for diamonds, turn to Yates. Our selection of diamond earrings is sure to knock your socks off. Superior brilliance and scintillation. These easily outrank the diamonds you'd find at lower-quality jewelers, including Zales and Kay. Instead of those cloudy stones, you'll get diamonds that are amazingly brilliant and expertly matched.

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