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Genuine pink diamonds. Identical to mined diamonds in every way, except with the advantages of affordability, eco-friendly and conflict-free. Pink diamonds are very rare. Only 5% of all lab grown diamonds are pink.

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More About Pink Diamonds

Diamond is the only gem that is made of a single element - carbon. Typically, 99.95% carbon and .005% trace elements. (Some call these trace elements "impurities"). There are four diamond types: type Ia, type Ib, type IIa and type IIb.
  • Type Ia and Type Ib - have nitrogen.
  • Type IIa - have no nitrogen and no boron.
  • Type IIb - have no nitrogen but do have boron.

Type IIa are by far the rarest of all diamonds - mined or lab grown. Only about 2% of all mined diamonds are classified as Type IIa. Besides being the rarest, Type IIa diamonds are also the purest. They are virtually free of impurities. They also have few inclusions, which allows the light to pass through the stone and create superior brilliance and scintillation. Basically, Type IIa diamonds out sparkle all other diamonds.

Many of the worlds most famous and expensive diamonds are Type IIa, such as the Cullinan, Koh-i-Noor and the "Elizabeth Taylor Diamond". (You can read about Elizabeth Taylor's famous diamond here.)

Pink Pure Grown Diamonds are also Type IIa - the purest, rarest and most brilliant diamonds known to man. They are sustainable, do not negatively impact the environment and are conflict free.

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