ArtCarved Bridal's Fascinating History

artcarved bridal historyartcarved bridal history

ArtCarved is a premier engagement ring and wedding band designer/manufacturer. With over 165 years experience, ArtCarved has been a part of countless happy occasions.

Over a century ago the skilled ArtCarved craftsmen created the first seamless wedding rings - allowing for greater comfort of fit. Innovation continued with the introduction of "carved" wedding rings opening up a new world of design detail and styling.

How It All Started
In 1850 in Brooklyn, New York, J.R. Wood began producing diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. The original company name was J.R. Wood & Sons, and they described their company as "Diamond cutters, wedding ring makers and manufacturers of fine gold and platinum jewelry." J.R. Wood & Sons was located at 1300 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY, and was described as "America's most up-to-date jewelry plant."




J.R. Woods and sons

J.R. Wood's original engagement ring was named the "Victoria", in honor of Queen Victoria of Great Britain. Queen Victoria had a profound influence on fashion and style, thus Mr. Wood named his first diamond engagement ring after her. The Victoria engagement ring was a hit, and started the company off in the right direction.

In the 1890's J.R. Wood and his design team developed the first soldered seamless wedding rings - quite a modern development at that time.

By the 1920's his craftsmen began to design and manufacture wedding bands and engagement rings that had "carved" designs. These carved designs created high relief details that evoked romance and were unique.

But it wasn't just the rings that ArtCarved changed. As soldiers went off to WWII ArtCarved popularized the dual ring ceremony so that both spouses could have a symbol of their love and commitment. This 'new' tradition has become the standard for how people now symbolize the meaning of 'I do'..

Elizabeth Taylor & ArtCarved
In 1950, Conrad "Nicky" Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels (and great uncle of Paris and Nicky Hilton), proposed to Elizabeth Taylor with an ArtCarved engagement ring. Though they were only married for about a year, ArtCarved created a marketing campaign with Elizabeth Taylor and her father. The campaign was termed "Father of the Bride", and really helped ArtCarved become one of America's favorite engagement ring designers.

  • Elizabeth Taylor in ArtCarved Ad

    Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton on wedding day

  • Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton WeddingArtCarved ad featuring Elizabeth Taylor and her costar Don Taylor

ArtCarved Today
Today, ArtCarved is still pioneering manufacturing techniques to allow for some of the most intricate and carved designs in wedding rings. Available in platinum, palladium, white gold and rose gold. The quality is impeccable. You will notice a difference when you compare ArtCarved quality to other brands.

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More About J.R. Woods & Son
In one of J.R. Woods catalogs their jewelry manufacturing facility is described as follows:
"The construction is of steel and concrete. Practically all of the walls are glass. The interior is white enameled throughout. Thirty-five telephones connect the various departments together with electric elevators, signal horns and bells. Automatic electric clocks and time stamps are installed in all departments so that accurate costs of manufacturing can be determined on all work. The steel vault is twenty-five feet wide by eighteen feet deep with a door weighing seven tons. The factory contains approximately fifty-thousand feet of floor space with ample accommodations for one thousand workmen."

They really took care of their employees too. Read this: "Shower baths, reading and recreation rooms are provided as well as a grocery store and restaurant where all food is sold at cost to our employees."

Pictures of the factory and employees at work making jewelry

  • Elizabeth Taylor in ArtCarved Ad

    Jewelry craftsmen working at J.R. Woods

  • Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton Wedding

    J.R. Woods jewelry factory building

Vintage ArtCarved Advertisements

  • artcarved jewelry advertisement - 1948

    ArtCarved ad - 1948

  • artcarved jewelry advertisement - 1949

    ArtCarved ad - 1949

  • artcarved jewelry advertisement - 1952

    ArtCarved ad - 1952

  • artcarved jewelry advertisement - 1954

    ArtCarved ad - 1954

  • artcarved jewelry advertisement - 1956

    ArtCarved ad - 1956

  • artcarved jewelry advertisement - 1970

    ArtCarved ad - 1970

  • artcarved jewelry advertisement - 2014

    ArtCarved ad - 2014

  • artcarved jewelry advertisement - 2014

    ArtCarved ad - 2014


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