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Shopping for a Gorgeous Diamond

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Why Yates?

1. We are diamond experts.
Our team members receive continuing GIA diamond education and we have a GIA Graduate Gemologist on staff. You're not buying from a salesperson who may have been selling shoes last month.

2. Members of the largest diamond buying group in the U.S.
So we get access to virtually any diamond, any size, shape and qualtiy. This also means no middlemen. This saves you money and ensures you get exactly what you are looking for.

3. Experience.
We've been buying and seling diamonds since 1989 when Ron and Mechelle first opened their store. Ashton has over 10 years experience buying and selling diamonds. You certainly don't get this experience at a mall store.

4. We are very picky.
We don't like crappy diamonds and would never try to sell a friend something we don't like. So you know you'll get quality that you'll be proud to own or give.

5. Lifetime trade up.
Get 100% of your diamond cost back when you upgrade by 50%. Your diamond can grow with you.

6. We seriously want to help you get the best deal.
We get upset when we see people pay 50-100% more for a lower quality diamond than they could have gotten at Yates.

7. We'll give you as much diamond education as you want.
Learn why one diamond sparkles more than the others, why one diamond is cheaper than the others and feel confident in your choice. We'll show you how to use a jewelers loupe to see inside the diamond before you buy. Heck, we'll even give you a FREE jewelers loupe you can take with you and use when you visit other stores.

Diamond Buying Tips

1. Don't ever buy a diamond over $1,000 at the mall.
* You will over pay.
* You'll get a sub par diamond 99% of the time.

2. Insist on a GIA lab graded diamond.
All other diamond grading labs overstate the diamond quality - fact! Some non-GIA reports (certificates) are so far off on quality grades they border on FRAUD.

3. Compare 2-3 similar diamonds side by side, in person, before making a purchase.
Diamonds are like people - some are just prettier than others, even though they may have the same specs. You gotta see them in person. Even if they all have the same grade, one will shine above the others. Can't do that over the internet. You wouldn't marry a woman with only seeing her social profile. Gotta see them in person.

4. Buying the cheapest diamond isn't always the best deal.
Did you know that some high color/high clarity diamonds have a "haziness" to them? Yep. And this will not be noted on the GIA report. The wholesalers discount those diamonds 10 - 25%. These are typically sold on the internet because they are cheaper. But they aren't a good deal at any price.

5. Check with Yates.
We've been buying and selling top quality diamonds for a long time. We have been trained by GIA. We are passionate about getting you a better diamond at a better price. Seriously.

How We Can Help You Get a Better Diamond, at a Better Price.

Give us a call - tell us what you are looking for. Tell us what you've seen. Send us a website link. We'll give you our opinion, recommendations and price ranges.

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