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How much does a 1 carat diamond cost?

What does a one carat diamond cost?
(Prices quoted for round diamonds as of February 2014)

We get asked this question several times a week. There are many factors that determine the price for a diamond, but I'll cover a few of them here.

Why the Big Cost Difference Between Jewelers?

Diamond prices are all over the board because different jewelers have different expenses and profit margin formulas. They make sure their diamond prices absorb costs like business rent and utilities.

Some retailers are really greedy! They put huge mark-ups on their diamonds because they think they can get away with it. Sadly, too many consumers believe these retailers are playing fair.

Of course, you want to get the best diamond for your money. So you need to understand diamond quality and worth to make sure you don't overpay. At Yates & Co. we don't make you pay for everything and the kitchen sink. You are guaranteed to get the best diamond for your money at a fair price.

Factors That Determine How Much You Should Pay

A diamond's true worth is based on its carat size, it's clarity and color. It is also based on how well it is cut. These are the 4 Cs of diamonds. Of these four factors, shady jewelers take advantage of consumers most on a diamond's cut.

The cut of a diamond determines how much light is refracted and how much brilliance and sparkle a diamond has. A poorly cut diamond won't sparkle as much and is much more common - thus costing jewelers much less. If a diamond is cut poorly, its value goes way down. It can be hard to tell a good cut from a bad cut. Unscrupulous retailers will charge high prices on poorly cut diamonds. They only focus on carat size, color and clarity to fool you. Follow this link to learn {everything you need to know about the 4 Cs.}

Certified Diamonds

Savvy shoppers look for diamonds that are certified. The GIA calls these diamonds "Lab Graded Diamonds." That's because a certified diamond has been graded in a lab. Or, at least it should have been. Some retailers will tell you their diamonds have been graded on site by their in-house experts. Beware of house graded diamonds. Like casino games, these certifications always favor the house.

Not All Diamond Grading Labs Are Equal

All diamond certifications are not equal. At Yates & Co we recommend GIA lab graded diamonds above the rest. GIA runs an impartial, non-profit lab. There are other major diamond certification players like the AGS, EGL and IGI. But GIA has provided the most accurate and consistent grading reports. They are considered the best in the industry.

At Yates & Co we don't recommend you buy diamonds certified by most foreign labs, like EGL-Israel. Foreign EGL labs are for-profit. In other words, they make their money by churning out favorable diamond reports for their customers.

Grading Subjectivity

Why the discrepancy among diamond grading labs? How can three different labs come up with three vastly different certifications? Because a judgment call comes into play with color and clarity. Some diamond labs have very loose standards compared to GIA. You could overpay for a diamond that has been graded loosely. Once again, GIA has the tightest controls over this subjectivity.

Why You Should Buy Your Diamond at Yates & Co.

At Yates & Co we refuse to sell lousy diamonds with poor cuts. What's the point? Only well cut diamonds sparkle and dance in the light as a diamond should.

Hey, we have a lot of pride wrapped up in our store. It's our livelihood and passion, not just a job. Our family name and reputation go into each diamond purchase we make. If a diamond isn't good enough for us to be proud of, it's not good enough for you.

We are a small family run fine jewelry store. We don't need to buy hundreds of one carat diamonds - we can be picky and just buy the well cut ones, that really sparkle. If you are looking for a poorly cut diamond - one that looks like it's hatchet cut by a blind man in India, then you'll have to go to the mall.

Listen, if you're in Modesto, stop by and let us show you why our diamonds are truly a cut above the other guy's. Otherwise, email or call us for more details. You'll be a pro buyer when we are finished with you!

Our Guarantee

You can be sure that the diamond you purchase from Yates & Co will be the best quality and value for your money.

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