17 Reasons Why a Diamond is The Perfect Gift

28th Oct 2022

17 Reasons Why a Diamond is The Perfect Gift

Sure, you know diamonds are special. You know how a when a woman receives a diamond she gets weak in the knees, you've seen her face light up at those special times. Marilyn Monroe famously said "Diamonds are a girls best friend", and Elizabeth Taylor claimed "Big girls need big diamonds!" There's just something magical about a woman and her diamonds.

Listed below are some fascinating facts about this bedazzling gem that you may not know. Sometimes we take for granted just how extraordinary this jewel is.

M ring

Fascinating Facts About Diamonds

1. The word “diamond" comes from the Greek word “adamas", which means unconquerable, invincible. Just like your love for each other.

2. Diamonds are forever. Give you beloved something that will last eternally. Diamonds have been around (according to scientists) for 3.4 billion years. And they'll be around for another 3.4 billion years. Can't say the same thing about other gifts can we?

3. A diamond can be worn for decades and then passed down to the next generation, and worn for decades more. And the diamond will still look exactly like it did the day it was originally purchased.

4. The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were splinters that fell of the stars of the heavens or possibly tears that fell from the God's eyes.

5. Diamonds became the traditional symbol of love and luxury in ancient Greece and Rome. Also, throughout the ages Kings have worn diamonds as a symbol of strength, courage, invincibility and power.

6. The tradition of diamond engagement rings began in 1477 when the archduke Maximilian of Austria personally gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond engagement ring. Mary actually suggested to Maximilian what type of ring she had her heart set on. She wrote to him and said, "At the betrothal, your Grace must have a ring set with a diamond, and also a gold ring."

You can see a picture of the ring below. It has a "M" design and set with flat cut brown colored diamonds.

A side point here - ladies, don't be afraid to give your sweetheart some hints on what type of ring you want! Worked for Mary of Burgandy, and it'll work for you too.

M ring

Mary of Burgandy's Engagement Ring with "M" Design
(Instagram: @bousamragemsandjewelsart)

7. Diamonds are incredibly rare. De Beers says they mine about 250 tons of ore to produce 1 carat weight of gem quality finished diamond. That's 500,000 pounds for one small gemstone measuring about 6.4mm in diameter. Wow.

8. Diamonds are a very small form of portable and easily convertible wealth. During WWII, many Jewish families in Europe were able to survive economically due to smuggling their larger diamonds with them out of Nazi occupied lands. They can cross borders undetected. You never know when your diamond could help save your family in a similar scenario.

9. Diamonds are the most sought after gemstone in the world.

10. Diamonds are proven to get us guys of the dog house. They do work.

11. A diamond's beauty is unaffected by age. They don't fade, lose luster, or wear out. A 100 years later, diamond can look as beautiful as they day you gave it to her.

12. Diamonds have a sentimental journey. The longer a diamond is worn and passed down, the more priceless it becomes.

13. A diamond is not expensive if you keep it forever. It only costs pennies per day.

14. Every diamond is unique. Much like a snowflake or a fingerprint - no two are identical.
They all have internal characteristics strategically placed by nature.

15. A diamond is nature's love affair with light. The way an excellent cut diamond inhales light and throws off brilliance and fire is a beautiful thing to behold.

16. Diamonds are always in style and go with anything. They look equally great paired with an evening dress, blue jeans - or even nothing at all!

Surprise Jewelry

17. When you buy a diamond, you are actually symbolizing feelings and emotion. It represents what matters most to us: love, life, forever, timelessness, family, tradition, achievement, memories, heirlooms, engagement, anniversary, birth of a child, happiness, and more.

I'm sure if you think about it longer you could come up with many more reasons why diamonds are so extraordinary. But the bottom line is your girl would LOVE to receive a beautiful diamond from you! She will treasure it forever and all the meaning that it evokes. Isn't that the most important thing?

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