$20 St. Gaudens & Diamond Necklace
14K Gold + Diamonds

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Custom designed $20 St. Gaudens gold coin necklace.  Surrounded by 50 bright white sparkling diamonds.  Truly stunning!

We start with an authentic $20 gold coin.  The St. Gaudens is considered to be the most beautiful of all coins minted by the United States.  These beautiful gold coins were minted from 1907 - 1933.  They weigh a tad over one ounce (33.43 grams) and are 90% pure gold.  At one time, these circulated at the face value of $20.00.  The coin measures 34mm wide.

We created a unique diamond pendant in 14K yellow gold that holds 50 diamonds, pronged set.  Over the many years of selling coin jewelry, we saw how light weight, mass produced coin pendants were lacking the solid feel we (and many of our clients) wanted.  You'll appreciate the quality that went into making this pendant.  

Both sides of the $20 gold coin are bezel set.  This means none of those thin prongs that scratch your skin, or snag ladies blouses.  Just a nice clean gold bezel lip securing both sides of the coin.  It looks so much better than the prongs, and feels better when worn.

The diamonds are natural mined, F color, VS clarity and Excellent Cut.  The total weight is 1.55ctw.

The bail at the top is a knife edge style (very similar to what David Yurman uses), that swivels.

The chain pictured is sold separately.  But we really recommend it.  It is a rounded box cable in 14K gold.  Looks perfect with this piece.

Interesting coin history:  This $20 gold coin receives its name from the designer, Augustus Saint-Gaudens.  In 1904 President Teddy Roosevelt wanted to improve the beauty of the country's coins.  So he hired Saint-Gaudens, a noted sculpter to design the $20 gold coin. Unfortunately, you cannot get a 1933 coin for this pendant.  This year, the final year of production, is worth over $18,000,000 - making it the most expensive coin in the world!

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Coin: U.S. $20 St. Gaudens Gold Coin Bezel: 14K Yellow Gold Diamonds: 1.55ct Diameter: 40mm Chain: Sold Separately:

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