Distressed Tantalum
Wood Sleeve / 7mm

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Tantalum is the coolest new material for mens ring in a looong time! We love it. It has a great smokey gray color and looks killer when it has a distressed or matte finish. Did you know Tantalum is an element found in the earth? Yep.

You'll notice right away this material has a nice heft to it. It's about as dense as platinum! It is hypo-allergenic (unlike tungsten rings which have nickel in them.) It will never break or crack (again unlike tungsten rings). It has been used nuclear reactors and missiles. So there's that.

This ring is 7mm wide with a flat profile. We paired it with a beautiful Blood Wood sleeve for the inside. But you can customize it with a different wood. Just let us know

Material: Tantalum Sleeve: Blood Wood Width: 7mm Profile: Flat Finish: Distressed:

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