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Angelina Jolie's Engagement Ring

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The femme fatale and her ring.

Itís rumored that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt began their affair in 2005 on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a film about a married couple of assassins. From the beginning, their relationship was scandalous. Brad Pitt, 12 years older than Angelina, left his wife Jennifer Aniston for the already twice married Jolie.

The public outrage was palpable when he abandoned his marriage to the wholesome Aniston, Americaís sweetheart at the time, for the unorthodox Angelina Jolie. Surely the union would not lastÖ

Seven years and six children (both adopted and natural) later, the high profile couple announced their engagement. But not before the beautiful Angelina began sporting a fabulous emerald cut, reportedly 10 carat diamond engagement ring. Brad designed the ring specifically with his dark haired beauty in mind. He collaborated on the project with high profile jeweler, Robert Procop.

The media immediately began comparing Angelinaís ring with that of Bradís first wife, Jennifer Aniston. Luckily, Brad must have anticipated the cut-throat articles that would follow his proposal gift. Itís rumored he spent the same amount - exactly the same - on both engagement rings. This strategic move supposedly spared hurt feelings of either his bride-to-be or his ex.

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at their 2014 wedding.

Both rings are entirely different from one another. The white gold ring Brad gave Jenifer Anniston featured a center round cut diamond with a swirled halo of smaller diamonds around it. Angelinaís platinum ring features a stunning low profile emerald cut diamond with step cut, rectangular diamonds around the entire band. They get smaller the further away from the center stone they are.

Angelinaís ring is not as flashy as many celebrity divasí engagement rings. But we can definitely see why she needed a low profile setting with so many kids in tow! And the emerald cut seems to fit her personality and style. She is known to love emeralds and is always sporting emerald jewelry on the red carpet.

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A close-up view of Angelinaís ring.

Ring details:

  • Center stone: 7 carat table-cut diamond (estimated weight) Table-cut diamonds were the predecessor to the emerald cut diamond.
  • Total diamond weight: Estimated at 16 carats. 7 carat in center, 9 carat of side diamonds.
  • Estimated cost: $500,000

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