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Kate Middletone wearing engagement ring

Prince Charles and Kate

Grace Kelly wearing her engagement ring

Grace Kelly in High Society wearing
her engagement ring (

Celebrity engagement rings have always awed and inspired us! Letís face it: these envied women are the queens of bling. If they didnít sport the most gorgeous, outrageous ďrocksĒ around, than who would (or could)? Certain celebrity engagement rings stand out among others. As they compete for attention, the bar is constantly being raised, too.

Here, we celebrate those spectacular celebrity engagement rings that will surely go down in the history books - if they havenít already. Noteworthy engagement rings of the past include those of the mesmerizing Elizabeth Taylor and the classic beauty, Grace Kelly. Both of these legendary actresses captured the hearts of wealthy men in their day. These men placed lavish engagement rings on their fingers we still envy today. In fact, Elizabeth Taylor had seven men lavish her with jaw-dropping engagement rings.
Elizabeth Taylor wearing her 33ct diamond

Elizabeth Taylor wearing the 33 carat diamond
ring from Richard Burton (

In 1964, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylorís fifth husband, decided to break tradition and present her with an exquisite necklace of diamonds and emeralds instead of an engagement ring. But he caved four years later and purchased her most expensive and enormous diamond engagement ring she would ever own. (Elizabeth Taylorís amazing Asscher-cut, 33 carat diamond ring from Richard Burton is shown up close in the center photo at the top of this page.)

Then there are the unforgettable celebrity engagement rings we covet today. These include Kate Middletonís sapphire and diamond ring from Prince Charles. Itís the very ring his beloved mother, Princess Diana, chose for her engagement to Prince Charles back in 1981. This enchanting ring created a world-wide demand for sapphire and diamond rings after both royal engagements.
Caricture of Angeline Jolie

Angelina Jolie caricature

Of course, another overnight demand for replica celebrity engagement rings occurred when Angelina Jolie first flashed her lovely emerald cut, 10 carat diamond ring from Brad Pitt. Youíll have to read more about it and the sticky comparison to Bradís first wifeís engagement ring below.

The list of bedazzling engagement sparklers that have charmed us recently is ever growing. Weíll celebrate these glamorous rings and the fabulous celebrities who sport them here. Each name we cover will become a hot link below to an article about the diva and her engagement ring. We hope you enjoy these inspiring articles. Just try not to drool too much!

Check out engagement rings from these celebs below:

Lindsay Lohan
Angelina Jolie
Grace Kelly
Kate Middleton
Elizabeth Taylor
Lady Gaga
Kim Kardashian
Sofia Vergara
Ashlee Simpson
Blake Lively
Iggy Azalea
Amal Alumddin (George Clooney)

Be sure to check back as we add new celebrity engagement rings every month!

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