Aquamarine & Pearl
Antique 9-10K

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Imagine wearing a piece of history that is, possibly, over 100-130 years old.   This beauty is a rare gem that has survived that long.
Hand crafted in Europe around the late 1800s.  The gold tests as 9K-10K, and features an unique airy design.  We love the way the seed pearls ensconce the fine aquamarines.  
Do you notice how the scroll ends meet the center part?  Those scrolls were hand cut and carved, many decades before jewelers began making jewelry from molds. 

The aquamarines have most likely been replaced at some point in time.  Oftentimes, gemstones we're damaged or lost after this many years and needed replacement.
As was typical of jewelry from the Victorian era, this piece is delicate.  But perfect for your special occasions.  Also, a perfect addition for the antique or vintage jewelry collector.
It is lightweight, so not recommended for daily wear. Save her for special occasions to elevate your look!
Metal: 9-10K Yellow Gold Pearls: (8) 2mm Aquamarines: (2) 2.9mm Finger Size: 8 (Contact us to re-size) Circa: Late 1800s :

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