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Yes, this wedding band is made of real black diamond. Due to some pretty amazing modern technology, diamond crystals are grown in a laboratory. Starting with a small diamond "seed" crystals are grown. What takes nature eons of time can now be accomplished in a few weeks. The crystals are then ground up, a small amount of a binder is added, then formed into a wedding band. Since it is diamond, this ring is the hardest most scratch-resistant one in the world.

Depending upon your finger size, the ring will weigh about 25 carats. That's (most likely) more carats than what your lady is wearing on her finger!

Measures 8mm wide, with a beveled edge and a standard fit interior. The ring slides on and off like butter. It's lighter in weight than a gold or platinum band, as diamonds are a low density material. In the center is an inlay of sterling silver. This adds a nice contrast to your ring.

Due to the limited amount of material, the time required to make each ring, and the demand, please allow about 3 weeks to make your ring.

Learn more about how Elysium is made. Watch the video:

Another Reason NOT To Buy Jewelry at the Mall
ITEM #: EBPIS8 Material: Elysium - Solid Diamond Inlay: Sterling Silver Width: 8mm Profile: Ares - Flat with Bevel Edges Finish: Polished as Shown in Picture (Matte is an option) Sizing Fit: Standard (Non-Comfort Fit):

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