Cassie's Diamond Broke

1st Nov 2022

Cassie's Diamond Broke

How One Customer Inspired The Great Yates Guarantee

The ring was a vintage platinum and diamond ring from the 1930s. There wasn't a better ring for Kyle's fiancé, Cassie. Cassie loved it. Adored it. Showed it to all her friends, her family, and even a few strangers. She loved this ring.

Cassie's Ring

Kyle and Cassie were married, and that vintage ring with a half carat diamond in the center was on her finger. About a year later, something almost impossible happened. The diamond cracked. I know what you're thinking: “I thought diamonds are the hardest substance on earth." They are, but they are also brittle. Even though this diamond had been inspected by me, and Mechelle, a Graduate Gemologist of GIA (The Gemological Institute of America), somehow this 80-year old diamond had met its match.

This almost never happens. I've been doing this for 30 years, and I've only seen it a few times. Ask a dozen other jewelers, and they'll tell you the same. It's incredible…but it can happen, and it did happen to Cassie.

To say she was devastated is an understatement. She was absolutely heartbroken. “Cassie," I said, “you did get the insurance from Jewelers Direct, didn't you?" “We were going to, Ron," she said, “we just hadn't gotten around to it. How much will it cost to replace it?"

This diamond wasn't just any diamond. When the ring was originally made, diamonds were cut differently. This one was called an Old European Cut, and frankly…you just don't see those much anymore. Even if she had insurance, they would have found “something" of “similar value" for her…but it wouldn't be that diamond, cut for that ring. To make a long story short, this was going to cost her about $2000.

She didn't have $2000, and now she didn't have her beautiful ring anymore. The ring Kyle picked out for her. The ring they used to declare their lifelong love for each other. Needless to say, this sad story just got completely horrible for this young couple.

This one really got to me. Mechelle, my partner in life and business, felt the same way. We talked about it all night. One of the reasons we do what we do is because we love to see people in love. Jewelry just happens to be one way people show their love for each other, and when we sell a couple something as wonderful as this vintage ring, it means more to us than “just another sale on the books."

I'm telling you Cassie's story because her experience is why we created The Great Yates Guarantee. Sometimes the (seemingly) impossible happens. Sometimes, even though everyone did everything right, diamonds chip, crack, or just plain vanish.

It took several weeks of searching, but Mechelle and I found an Old European Cut diamond, weighing about ½ a carat. We bought the diamond, repaired her ring, and sent this young couple on their way…happy. No longer heartbroken.

Cassie and Ron Yates

We don't ever want anything like this to happen to you. But my family has made this commitment to our customers:

Any diamond in your ring, necklace, bracelet or pendant… up to .49 carat…is guaranteed.

If it's ever lost, I will replace it.


No worry. No sweat.

We believe when you buy something wonderful for someone wonderful, the only thing you should have to worry about is how you're going to wrap the present.

- Ron & Mechelle Yates

P.S. Even though we think the Great Yates Guarantee is really great, we still recommend insurance. There are still some bad guys out there who rob people, and sometimes rings slip off and end at the bottom of the river.

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