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Ceylon sapphires are prized by gem collectors and lovers of blue sapphires for their lustrous soft blue color. They get their name from their location where they are mined. Formerly known as Ceylon, the area is now called Sri Lanka.

Sapphires come from all over the world, but only a few locations produce high gem quality, such as Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Madagascar and many years ago Kashmir. However, Kashmir sapphires are very rare and incredibly expensive. Some gem dealers suggest even over priced.

The vast majority of sapphires found in the gem producing locations are worthless and used in low priced and mass produced jewelry. When you compare one of our Ceylon sapphires to what you typically see you will be amazed. We only buy stones with rich color, excellent clarity and exceptional cuts. Some of the stones we purchase are then recut to more exacting standards to produce livelier brilliance. Then each stone is submitted to a gem grading laboratory for a gem ID report for your peace of mind and assurance.

We buy direct from Sri Lanka, thus avoiding several middle men and their markup. These are heirloom quality gemstones that you will treasure. At a price you didn't think was possible.