Pyramid Cobalt Ring

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Architecturally inspired, this 7mm wide man's wedding band is distinctive. You will notice repeating pyramids around the entire ring. The way they reflect the light is mesmerizing. Satin brush finish completes the look.

Crafted of pure white cobalt. What is cobalt, you ask? Here's the technical info - it is a natural element found in the earth, with the symbol of Co, and atomic number of 27.

Why is cobalt a great material for your wedding band? First, it's hypo-allergenic. Cobalt is used by the medical profession for implants in the human body. Second, it is a pure white metal - as white as platinum, or maybe even a little crisper color. So you never have to rhodium plate your ring to bring back its bright white color. Third, cobalt doesn't crack and break like tungsten does. It is harder than gold so that means it won't scratch as easily.

The inside of the ring is comfort fit, so it goes on and off the finger like butter. And because the inside has a nice dome it fits up on the finger better.

Benefits of Cobalt:
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Bright White Color
  • Doesn't Crack or Break like Tungsten
  • Won't Discolor like White Gold or Tungsten
  • Easy on the Pocketbook
Designer: J.R. Yates Metal: Cobalt Width: 7mm Finish: Brushed Satin:

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