Damascus Steel + Stag Horn
Folding Knife

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Looking for a gift for a special man? This is it.
Genuine Damascus steel paired with Stag horn. This substantial folding pocket knife also has a floral engraved design on the top end of the knife, adding to its beauty.

The Damascus blade has over 250 layers of steel. To create the Damascus steel, two types of steel are used: 15N20 & 1095 High Carbon Steel.
The pattern is created by forge welding multiple layers of the two steels into a billet. The billet is folded and rewelded several times. Eventually there are 250 layers of steel - pretty cool. The end result is a fascinating pattern, and each blade will be slightly different.

Then the blade has an acid treatment which attacks the layers of steel differntly. The softer steel gets etched revealing the pattern.

The Hardness Rating is between 56-60 HRC. A near perfect balance between toughness and strength.


    • The blades, due to the carbon content, need to be treated regularly with wax, and a 3-in-1 oil to maintain its superior quality.


    • Never store your knife for a long time in the leather sheath. Leather can absorb water, and the moisture can rust the Damascus steel.


    • After using always clean the blade with oil or wax.


Designer: Luxury Knife Collection Blade Material: Damascus Steel Handle Material: Stag Horn Guard Material: Carved Steel Length,Opened: 6.25" Length,Closed: 3.50" Knife Width: 1":

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