NYX - Matte Elysium Black Diamond

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A wedding band made entirely of black diamond? Seriously? Yep, this 8mm wide domed band is solid diamond, through and through. Using proprietary methods, a diamond crystal is grown in a laboratory. Then after several other steps the diamond crystals are formed into this ring. It is the hardest ring on the planet. Why? Because it's a diamond, silly.

The ring is lightweight on the finger (diamonds are not a dense material). The color is black and black throughout the ring. This is the only ring that is not coated, plated, or otherwise artificially colored to a black color.

Depending upon your finger size, your ring will weigh between 20 - 30 carats. Even more than your girl's ring!

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ITEM #: E8D-Matte Material: Elysium - Solid Diamond Width: 8mm Profile: NYX - Domed Finish: Matte Sizing Fit: Standard (Non-Comfort Fit):

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