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Elysium Black Diamond

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The smoky black color of the Elysium ring pairs very nicely with the rich 14K rose gold mokume gane inlay. It's gorgeous!

What is Elysium?
It is diamond! The ring is made up of thousands of laboratory-grown diamond crystals, ground up and held together with a binder, then formed into your wedding band. Diamond as you know is incredibly hard! So nothing will scratch it! (Your Elysium will scratch other materials, so be careful.) Most Elysium rings will weigh around 25 carats! That's more than the diamond weight in her ring!

The ring is 8mm wide and has a beveled edge. In the center is an inlay of 14K rose gold mokume gane. This mokume gane is an ancient form of metal working that layers different materials together to achieve a beautiful pattern. In this case it is 14k rose gold and copper twisted together and then an acid finish brings out the pattern.

Each ring is made as it is ordered and takes about 3 weeks.

Want to know more about Elysium?
Check out the short video:

Material: Elysium Inlay: 14K Rose Gold Mokume Gane Width: 8mm Profile: Ares - Flat with Beveled Edge Finish: Matte as Shown in Picture (Polish is an Option) Sizing Fit: Standard (Non-Comfort Fit):

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