Facets of Fire Diamond Stud Earrings

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The words we hear to describe the scintillating flashes of sparkle out of these diamonds is, wow, amazing, never seen anything like these before.

Facets of Fire diamonds really need to be seen in person to fully experience the full effect. They truly are unlike any other diamond you have ever seen.

The secret to the sparkle is the proprietary nano-faceting that is done on the bottom half of the diamond. High tech laser beams etch microscopic grooves, or facets, on the pavilion of the diamond. You can't see these - they are 1/50th the size of a human hair. They do not affect the weight of the diamond either. But sure affect the sparkle! Every color in the rainbow shoots out the top of the diamond. It's a light show of sparkle!

These diamonds are Premium Quality. Most Facets of Fire dealers sell an I2 clarity grade; we chose to offer you an upgraded I1 clarity, for greater beauty. Contact us if you would like an I2 clarity for a lower price.
Diamond Weight: 1.40ctw Color: I-J Clarity: I1+:

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