A Raging Fire Hides in Every Diamond

1st Nov 2022

A Raging Fire Hides in Every Diamond

Facets of Fire Diamonds: The Biggest Advancement in Diamond Cutting in Over 100 Years

Growing up, you saw your science teacher shine white light at a prism and watched in awe as one color going in became a multitude of colors coming out. While there was a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation for this, you gasped the first time you saw it. This phenomenon of breaking up white light into individual colors still causes you to step outside with your smartphone as a rainbow splashes across the sky. Diamonds (like rainbows) are valuable because they are both beautiful, and rare. But they become even more beautiful (and rarer) in the hands of a skilled jeweler who understands the importance of cutting a diamond just right.

This is no small feat. If the angle of the cut is too deep, the diamond looks dull. Too shallow and you lose the sparkle. We're talking about years of skill (and lots of geometry) to get this right. And when it's right, it's spectacular.

The game of getting light to precisely reflect and refract to show the hidden beauty of a diamond has been going on for centuries. Until recently there hasn't been a noticeable change in the way it's done. A keen eye, a steady hand, plus having the mind of both an artist and scientist, make diamonds one of the world's most coveted gemstones.

Facets of Fire Diamonds at Yates Jewelers in Modesto CA

Today, there's a new technique that is changing everything. Facets of Fire Diamonds have successfully struck down the belief that diamond-cutting technology couldn't get any better.

For the wearer, Facets of Fire Diamonds take the dramatic flashes of light that bounce from a diamond and turn them into a multi-colored light-show. For the jeweler, Facets of Fire Diamonds demonstrate the rare power these gems hold.

Until recently, the brilliance of a diamond came from understanding how each angle would move light around. Now your science teacher's prism has found its way into the diamond, and the results are astounding.

Facets of Fire Diamonds employ something known as nano-prisms. As the name suggests, these are amazingly small prisms cut into the side of a diamond. Far too small to be seen with the naked eye, a jeweler's loupe, and even microscopes. What the human eye cannot see are prisms that grab just enough light and break it into a rainbow. As the light bounces through the diamond this effect is amplified over and over again. When you look at a Facets of Fire Diamond, what you see is a surprising display sure to give you the same gasp you had in science class.

What do the experts say?

This technique has been approved by the most respected independent organizations like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS). Under their close watch, this method of cutting was researched and perfected and ultimately received 5 protected patents in the United States. This all means that a Facets of Fire Diamond is not a “lesser" diamond, nor does this cutting technique decrease its value in any way.

The difference is undeniable. People standing 20 feet away from a standard cut diamond and a Facets of Fire Diamond have been able to tell the difference without question. Just when you thought there couldn't be any more “wow" hidden in a diamond, this new cutting technique changes everything.

Sparkling diamonds at Yates Jewelers in Modesto, CA

What do they cost?

Facets of Fire diamonds do cost a little more than a typical diamond. The technology isn't free, unfortunately. The cost to do the nano-faceting is reflected in the prices. Typically, you can expect that a Facets of Fire diamond will be about 20-25% more than same color, clarity, cut grade of a similar size diamond.

But there are ways to save money! How? The fire performance on these diamonds is so substantial with the rainbow of colors flashing off the stone, you can go with slightly warmer color grade. For example, lets say you are shopping for a "H" color diamond, which is near colorless grade. In a Facets of Fire diamond the eye will see flashes of rainbow color. So you won't notice the colorless hue of the "H" color. Therefore, I recommend dropping the color grade to J or K - it will face up the same. And the price difference between the an H and a K is substantial. This price difference almost compensates for the nano-faceting of the Facets of Fire diamond. So it ends up costing about the same.

Where to see them?

Today, Yates Jewelers is the only store in the entire state of California that has these special diamonds. The pictures on this page only tell part of the story. When you stop in and look at them for yourself, it will be undeniably obvious that this is a special diamond.

For those of you that cannot make it in to see them in person, I shot some 360-degree videos of these diamonds. These will show you the fire and scintillation. Check them out on our loose Facets of Fire diamonds and jewelry page. You can see the fire radiate from the diamonds as they move. It really is mesmerizing.

Whether it's in an engagement ring or a pair of Facets of Fire Diamond earrings, the reaction she'll get will be memorable. Be ready to tell the fantastic story of why these diamonds aren't like anything else, because Facets of Fire Diamonds are guaranteed to start a conversation.

Wouldn't these make a killer gift?

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