Rolex GMT Master II
1991 - Very Good Condition

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About this watch: This watch movement has just been serviced - new gaskets, mainspring, great wheel, and the crystal have all been replaced, then lubricated and regulated. When we purchased the watch it had a non-Rolex buckle on it. We purchased an authentic Rolex buckle, 18K gold, and stainless steel and installed it. However, this buckle type was not originally on this model - it was made for a later model.

About the Rolex GMT-Master II: . The GMT-Master II is one of Rolex most popular men's timepieces. Originally launched in 1955 for airplane pilots. As airplanes were able to fly longer distances across multiple time zones, Pan Am Airlines wanted a watch for their pilots that could help them keep time in different times. After a few years, the GMT-Master accomplished this. The "GMT" stands for "Greenwhich Mean Time" and that is the starting point for every time zone.

To help the pilots keep time, this watch has an added fourth hand on the dial that allows the watch to show an additional time zone. Perfect for the pilot, or frequent traveler. This extra hand is called the GMT hand. It works in connection with the 24 hour bezel to track the second time zone.

To use this feature, set the GMT hand to your home time. When you arrive at your destination, move the main hour hand to the local time. The GMT hand will still be accurate to your home time zone. The rotating bezel helps even more - it gives the watch a 3rd time zone. To do this, you need to know how many hours forward, or behind the desired time zone is. Here is an example: Paris is nine hours ahead of Pacific time. So you would rotate the bezel so the nine is at the 12:00 position. Then read the GMT hand as you normally would.

Here is a great article from Rolex explaining the history of the Rolex GMT MASTER watch. You should check it out.
Model Number: 16713 Serial Number: X297702 Case Size: 40mm Date: 1991 Condition: Very Good:

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