24k Yellow Gold Dipped Rose

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A Rose to Last Forever

These are real, genuine roses, grown from the earth. Preserved and then accented with precious metal. Take a close look at the beautiful rose and you may see the veins of the petal and the thorns that are on the stem.

It's all done by hand.
And the labor intensive process takes 40 steps. Each rose is hand picked at the optimal time when the bloom is perfectly showing. Then it is disassembled very carefully so as to not damage any part of the blooms, leaves or stem. Then each part is lacquered and then accented in 24k Gold or Platinum. After the accenting, the rose is very carefully reassembled back together. Because each rose is different, the colors can vary. Look closely and you might even find a little dew drop imprinted on the petals.

These beautiful roses make a romantic collectible gift she will treasure.
Gold Color: 24k Yellow Gold Rose Length: 12":

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