Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring

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Kate's magnificent ring.


The world is so enamored with the lovely Kate and her amazing smile. Who could tire of it? In 2011 when Kate became the Duchess of Cambridge, hundreds of millions across the globe joyfully watched her walk down the aisle. That's a lot of well-wishers!

William may be a prince, but he definitely is the lucky one in this universally blessed union. (The expression on his face in many of the couple's engagement and wedding photos mirrors this sentiment!)

But first William had to propose. What a sentimental romantic at heart he turned out to be! He proposed to Kate with the same engagement ring his mother, Princess Diana, wore. It's a gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring. It was made in 1981 to mark the royal engagement between Diana and Prince Charles.

Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring

The royal couple on their wedding day.

Sadly, Diana and Charles' wedding vows were not to stand the test of time, nor the Queen's approval. However, Diana remained the Princess of Wales in title until her even more tragic death in 1997.

The driver of the car she was in attempted to elude paparazzi at high speed when he lost control and crashed, killing everyone but Diana's bodyguard.

The ring had been willed to Prince Harry, William's younger brother. But both decided it should be worn by the future Queen of England to honor their beloved deceased mother, Princess Diana.
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Prince Charles & Diana in 1981 and Kate & Prince William in 2010.

William and Harry were 15 and 12 respectively at the time of their mother's horrible death. She was a devoted and caring mother and they loved her deeply. It seems only fitting that they should want Kate to have something so treasured by her.

And so now Kate is a princess, as well. She is rarely seen without her spectacular sapphire and diamond engagement ring, even with baby George in tow and another royal baby on the way. She obviously cherishes her beautiful engagement ring!

Ring details:
  • Sapphire: 18 carat oval shape Royal Blue natural sapphire.
  • Original Cost: In 1981 the ring cost between $60,000 - $65,000.
  • Current Value: We estimate a sapphire this size and quality would run around $300,000!

Here is a similar vintage blue sapphire and diamond ring. But this one won't break the bank!
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Kate and her beloved ring.

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