Ombre Diamond Scattered Raindrop

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OMG, this piece is fascinating.  Warm tones with the metal and the diamonds. This ombre diamond rain drop ring is set with a myriad of diamonds, scattered if you will, into the rich yellow gold.

The term 'ombre' in jewelry refers to colored gemstones that have colors or hues that shade into each other.  Using the same gemstone (generally) but having the color intensity go from soft to intense.  This beauty has natural mined diamonds that shade from white to champagne to yellow to burnt orange.  If you look close, you'll see a couple greenish toned ones as well!

The way these natural diamonds are set is that for each stone, a hold is drilled, a seat is cut for the widest part of the diamond to rest on, then a thin layer of gold is pounded over the stone to lock it in.  It is very labor intensive, but the resulting look is worth it.  No distracting prongs this way.  : )

We love the satin finish on this piece, it adds more richness to it.  

This handmade beauty is 5mm wide and is finger size 7.0.


Metal: 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Info: .70ctw Width: 5mm Finish: Satin Size: 7 :

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