Tulip Solitaire
Lab Grown - 1ct

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Looking for a lab-grown solitaire diamond ring, but aren't interested in a run-of-the-mill boring lightweight ring?  Yeah, we get it.  

This solitaire is a bit sturdier, with just a little more heft, than the typical lightweight  four prong solitaire ring you see in the mall stores.  Why, because you want your ring to last more than just a few years.

There's something else special about this solitaire mounting.  Look at the head (that's the part that holds the diamond).  The prongs are shaped like a tulip petals.  The base is nice and wide, the entire prong is much thicker.  So not only does it look prettier, these prongs won't wear out in a few short years like those others.  It will last.  Your diamond won't fall out from an easily bent or broken prong.  Not only functional, but pretty!

Priced with a very high quality 1.00ct lab-grown diamond, IGI certified, F color, VS2 clarity, Ideal cut.  However, you may choose (and really you should) a larger diamond.  With the affordable price of lab-grown diamonds today, why don't you upsize to a 2ct?  She'd really appreciate the larger diamond, even if she says she doesn't care. 

Choose from 14K white, yellow or rose gold.  We can also go custom with a platinum ring.  Or a 14K or a richer 18K yellow gold band and a platinum head.  (Lots of benefits of a platinum diamond setting, ask us.)

Metal: 14K White, Yellow, or Rose Gold Diamond Size: 1ct (you can upgrade) Diamond Quality: Lab F Color / VS2 Clarity Size: 7 (Contact us for more sizes) :

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