Two Stone Diamond Rings - Hot Trend for 2016

17th May 2022

Two Stone Diamond Rings - Hot Trend for 2016

The Two Stone Diamond Ring - Hot Trend for 2016

What is the Two Stone Diamond Ring?

The Two Stone Diamond Ring is a new style of ring being marketed towards men who are buying rings for their significant other.

These rings feature two main diamonds that are the same size and shape, set next to each other. 14k White and Rose Gold Two Stone Diamond Ring

Why two diamonds instead of the traditional ring that has one main diamond? The idea behind this is that one of the diamonds is for your best friend. The other diamond is for your true love. (Assuming your best friend is also your true love. If they are two different ladies, then you may have a problem...)

Who Came Up With This Idea?

Basically it was DeBeers. Their diamond brand is called Forevermark and this new category of ladies diamond rings was initially launched by Forevermark. Forevermark trademarked the name Ever Us for the collection name. From a business standpoint, the collection is genius! Most of the worlds mined diamonds come from the DeBeers channel. And when someone buys an important diamond ring for their true love that ring has one main diamond. Now with the Ever Us collection, the rings will have two main diamonds! So they are creating a demand for twice as many diamonds in these rings. Good business.

But the idea is also very romantic. When you give this ring to your girl you are re-affirming to her that she is indeed your best friend, and also your true love. Don't you think she would treasure this?

Have you seen the commercials on TV yet?

Here is a wonderful commercial for the Ever Us rings.

A New Take On An Old Idea

Two stone diamond rings aren't exactly a new idea. Originally called " Toi et Moi", which is French meaning "You and Me". It refers to a ring that showcases two stones. These were common engagement rings during the latter part of the 19th century and early part of the 20th century. Some jewelry historians believe that this trend started with the ring that Napoleon gave to Josephine in 1776. The ring is pictured below.

Napoleon's engagement ring to Josephine

This ring featured two pear shaped stones: a blue sapphire and a white diamond. Each of the gems is estimated to be a little under 1ct each. Napoleon gave this ring to Josephine when he was a 26 year old revolutionary solder, well before he became emperor. At the time Napoleon had very little money and this must have broke the bank for him. In 2013 this ring sold at auction in Fountainebleau (near Paris) for a whopping $949,000. (The pre-auction estimate was only $20,000.)

Vintage Two Stone Diamond Ring, circa 1920

Best Places to Buy A Two Stone Diamond Ring

Almost every jewelry store in America is selling the two stone diamond rings now. So where do you go to buy one?

If you are on a very limited budget and are fine with lower quality jewelry, then go to one of the chain jewelry stores that are at the mall. The department stores also sell low quality as well. These stores have such a high demand due to the enormous amount of locations they have that they buy low quality diamonds that are more abundant in the market. They also get them for rock bottom prices and this allows a great markup.

If you want a diamond ring that is crafted using top quality diamonds that are heirloom quality you will find these (typically, but not always) at your finer independent jewelers. For example, when our store makes a two stone diamond ring and our name is on it, then we want something that represents what we stand for. And that is fine quality diamonds that a woman will be proud to wear, a guy will be proud to give, and neither of you will be embarrassed to show it to another jeweler.

Check out some high quality two stone diamond rings.

Or, let's work together and create a total custom designed two stone diamond ring, just for you.

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