Filigree, 1920s

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A gorgeous 1920s vintage diamond engagement ring with beautiful filigree detail.  The closer you look, the more beauty you notice.  That is one of the wonderful things about fine jewelry from bygone eras - the attention to fine detail.

The center diamond is an Old European Cut, estimated weight of .35ct.  These antique cut diamonds are sought after for their beauty and history.  Sometimes called Old Euros, they have a different look than modern cut diamonds today, as they were all hand cut.  The table of the diamond (the top flat part) is smaller than a modern diamond, and the crown portion of the diamond is taller.  The bottom of the diamond (the culet) will be open, not pointed.  That's just how they cut them back then.  We love them!

The center diamond is L-M in color, which was typical of many of the diamonds cut during the early 1900s.  It's clarity is SI1-SI2.  There are also two small accent diamonds, that are 'single cut', which add more sparkle on the sides.

The ring is crafted of platinum and 18K white gold.  The pierced design is in platinum.  The center head that holds the .35ct diamond and the shank (the thin band part) are in 18K white gold.

This ring was made using the die stuck method.  A piercing metal die with this design was struck against a piece of platinum in a large press.  It punched, or pierced, the holes - the open areas - into the metal.  Then an embossing die was used to strike that piece of platinum to create the embossed pattern.  Then the last die was used to roll the metal into a three dimensional state.  This was generally done for several parts of the jewelry item, and then they were all assembled by the goldsmith.  In a nutshell, that's how filigree jewelry was made during the 1920s - early 1940s.  Fascinating, right?



Metal: Platinum & 18K White Gold Center Diamond: .35ct Old European Cut Side Diamonds: .05ctw Size: 4.75:

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