Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet
7 ctw F/VS

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Diamond tennis bracelets are hot! The tennis bracelet was popularized by the tennis legend, Chris Evert (also known as Chris Evert Lloyd), who while playing at the 1978 U.S. Open, had her bracelet fly off her arm.  This event made jewelry fashion history!  Ladies just loved the idea of a continous line of diamonds circling her bracelet.  

Tennis bracelets aren't just for the ladies anymore.  Nope, many guys are rocking these diamond bracelets on their wrists, and they look great.  One solid line of diamond bling.  Pairs great next to your watch, or stacked with another bracelet, or by itself.

This size, 7ctw, is great for ladies wanting a bigger look, or the guys that want one.  For most guys, you'll need to custom order a longer size as we stock 7", but many guys will need a 7.5" - 8.5" length.  It will entail more diamonds, so the cost will be a little more.

Forty-seven ideal cut round brilliant diamonds, each diamond is about .15ct.  Impressive look.



Metal: 14K White Gold Diamonds: 7ctw Diamond Quality: F / VS Width: Approx 3.5mm Length: 7":

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