Pink Diamonds - Affordable Now!

Does your gal like pink? Does she like diamonds? Up until just recently, pink diamonds were so rare and ultra expensive that they were out of the question for most of us. A lady could only dream of wearing a real pink diamond on her wedding finger. However, that has changed. I have some very exciting news for you.

Pink Diamonds Are Rare

Diamonds are found in a variety of colors and hues. Most ladies wear a “colorless” or “near colorless” diamond. Brown and gray diamonds are very common colors are relatively inexpensive, and not highly sought after. However, fancy colored diamonds such as orange, blue, purple, red, green and pink are very rare - and expensive!

Typically, naturally colored pink diamonds have a faint or light pink hue. Nature doesn’t often create a vivid or intense pink diamond, that’s why the vivid pinks will command huge premiums. If you are shopping for a natural mined pink diamond here what one will cost you:

The most expensive pink diamond sold for $36.1 Million at Sotheby’s Geneva jewelry auction in May 2016. Yes, $36 MILLION! The fancy vivid pink pear shaped pink diamond weighed in at a massive 15.38 carats. The winning bidder was a private Asian buyer who bid over the telephone. You can read about this huge pink diamond here.

Massive 15.38ct Pink Diamond

A New Affordable Choice

Using highly advanced (and super expensive) technology that is just now recently available diamonds can now be commercially engineered and grown. These lab grown diamonds are created using breakthrough technological processes that replicate the conditions in which diamonds are naturally produced in the Earth taking eons of time. This process is obviously sped up so it takes several weeks to make a diamond.

These lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds chemically, physically and optically. Take one into a jeweler and ask them to test it on an electronic diamond tester - it is a diamond. But instead of removing tons of earth and scarring the landscape, and possibly the environment, they come out of a high tech laboratory.

Even in the lab grown sector, pink diamonds are much more rare than the “colorless” diamonds. But they are attainable for our customers. Remember, that 1ct mentioned earlier for $230,100? Crazy money. Well, you can own a 1.71ct Princess Cut, VS1 clarity, Fancy Pink diamond for $12,500. A huge difference! Or choose a .50ct Fancy Pink for around $1,900. Well within your budget.

Pink diamonds look fabulous when paired with rose gold. And when you set bright white diamonds around the pink in a halo design, and use rose gold for the metal, you have a drop dead gorgeous piece.

Pink Diamond Earrings set in Rose Gold

Check out these 14K rose gold pink diamond halo earrings. You win some major points from your honey with these!

Oh, another thing. Each of the lab grown pink diamonds comes with it’s own I.G.I. (International Gemological Institute) Diamond Report, commonly called a “certificate”. Also, the diamond is laser inscribed on the girdle with the IGI report number for your protection.

So what do you think? Wouldn’t she love a pink diamond? Now, you can get her one. If you are looking for a ring with a pink diamond in the center we can help you design the perfect ring. Let’s choose the diamond first, we have a few pink diamonds here. But we have access to the entire pink diamond inventory at Pure Grown Diamonds. After you choose the perfect pink gem, then we can build the ring around your diamond. Your way. Let's get started.