Diamond Starburst
22mm Vahan

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Prepare to be stunned and have your breath taken away. Our customers who have tried this bracelet on have said that their heart almost stopped, their cheeks flushed with amazement and generated the most unexpected surprise reactions. This showstopper bracelet is the best in luxurious decadence, a true masterpiece signed by the master of extravagance himself, Alwand Vahan. A wide (22 mm) bracelet made of Sterling Silver with an artistically crafted design in 14K Yellow Gold and a dazzling array of precious 1.11 ctw diamonds. Just remember that anything you pare with this will be totally outshined by this superb bracelet. Well, that was the idea...

Vahan bracelet sizing info
Designer: Alwand Vahan Metal: 14K Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver Stones: Diamonds 1.11ctw Bracelet Width: 22mm Wrist Size: Approx 6.5":

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