Vahan Bracelets

Vahan Bracelets

Vahan Bracelets

Vahan is a premiere American jewelry brand, widely recognized for their distinctive bracelets. Vahan is a favorite of Hollywood's most beautiful women. The Vahan collections have been featured in Town and Country, Luster, In Style and many other style and celebrity magazines.

Among celebrities wearing Vahan are Cindy Crawford, Carmen Electra, Jennifer Lopez, Kesha, Sofia Vergara, Hillary Scott, Paris Hilton, Bette Midler, Linda Evens, Hillary Clinton. And tons more of Hollywood's beautiful women, and you.

"I create jewelry like I would a film set: with mood, drama, and my customers wear the jewelry like actresses." When I design jewelry I think of women as film stars. I want them to be observed, envied, and admired." - Sacha De Calousdian, founder and designer

How to care for your Vahan jewelry


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How to care for your Vahan jewelry

Over time your Vahan jewelry will begin to lose some of its luster.  The metal gets scratched and the jewelry gets dirty with body oils, lotions, makeup, dirt, etc.  Also, sterling silver naturally tarnishes over time.  Why?  Because of a chemical reaction between oxygen in the air and silver.   The result is tarnish (a type of corrosion.)  Tarnish dulls the appearance of the jewelry.

So how to prevent tarnishing?  Wearing it daily keeps the top surface from tarnishing, the recessed areas still will tarnish.  When not being worn store it in its suede pouch.  This will minimize exposure to the environment and help slow down the tarnishing.
To bring your jewelry back to looking sharp again, it will need a good cleaning.  It's amazing how that can transform your pieces back to looking beautiful again.  We recommend the SppedBrite ionic cleaner.   The ionic will lift off the tarnish, and restore the metal's shine.   You can purchase this wonderful little machine on amazon, or in our store.
Here is a video showing you the before and after of cleaning a Vahan bracelet in an ionic cleaner: 

Suggestions on keeping your Vahan jewelry looking its best:

  • When you are not wearing it you could store it in a sealed bag in your jewelry box. Or invest in this amazing lux jewelry box from Vahan: Vahan Jewelry Box
  • Wearing it will actually help as the oil from skin slows down tarnishing.
  • You can polish it with a silver polish, such as Hagerty's, and then rinse it off. Let the bracelet dry well so no moisture stays inside. Using a hair dryer to speed up the process is a good idea.
  • Invest in a Speed Brite Ionic cleaner. This will really work great. It's what we use. You will love the result. Here is the cleaner:
  • Bring it to a jeweler and have them professionally clean it. The jeweler can lightly buff and polish the metal, clean the piece and steam it off. This will bring it back to perfection!
  • Send it to us. We will do this for free. We do have to charge for insured return shipping however.

Need a different wrist size?

Most Vahan bracelets in the stock size fits around a 6-6.5" wrist depending on the bracelet shape & width. If you need a larger or smaller size, Vahan does make the bracelets in many other sizes besides their stock size. Click the link below to download Vahan's sizing guide & watch the video to see how to measure your wrist. Contact us for more information. Please note, ordering a bracelet in any other size besides stock size will make the bracelet a special order = non-returnable.
What to do if your bracelet does not fit?

If you receive your bracelet and it does not fit, don't worry we can help you with a size exchange. Depending on the size you need and bracelet width, the typically re-sizing fee is $150 - $200 for the sterling bracelets. Please contact us for more information.
History of Vahan
Sacha Der Calousdian is the founder of Vahan. Mr. Calousdian named the brand Alwand Vahan, then later shortened the name to Vahan.  Sacha is a third-generation jeweler classically trained in Paris.  In 1968, at the age of only 19, he opened his first workshop.


Over time, the Vahan style became known for mixing sterling silver with 14K yellow gold accents.  In a short time, the pieces were being sold in upscale stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus.

In 1973, Sacha's wife Natalie joined the business. She was the Chief Operating Officer. She worked with the brand's accounts and drove the business forward.

Another milestone for Vahan was 1994. At this time, the company released the stackable Moiré bracelet design.  This design has become iconic and an instant hit with ladies. Moiré is a French word that means something that has a watered or wavelike pattern, usually impressed into a fabric by an engraved roller.  Sacha took this idea and applied it to sterling silver bracelets.  The Moiré bracelet features a distinctive repeating pattern in the metal. It is now patented by Sacha.

Vahan bracelets are easily identified by the combination of the Moiré sterling silver bracelet accented with 14K gold.  Most designs are embellished with small brilliant diamonds and some also featured colored gems.

In 2009, Sacha and Natalie’s son, Greg Der Calousdian joined the growing family jewelry business. He grew up in the business, as you can imagine.  But after college he gained great experience working for fashion leaders such as Louis Vuitton, Brooks Brothers and Marc Jabos.  This valuable experience helps Greg with his work today with Vahan.  Today is the chief designer and VP of Design for Vahan.  It is impressive that he is now the fourth generation of jewelry designers for the Calousidan family.

In 2010, Greg’s younger brother Cedric came on board.  He applied his expertise and vast knowledge of business systems to the family business. Cedric was responsible for revamping the brand’s website, increasing marketing, and improving social media.   It’s truly a family business!


Why Vahan Bracelets So Popular

So many reasons!  The big one is the style.  The beaded Moire design, paired with 14K gold ends is a trademark of Vahan's style.  The Moire design is heavily textured and there's no other bracelet like it.  The design just draws you in.

The Vahan bracelets allow you to stretch them open to slide them on your wrist, but spring back to their original shape.  The patented construction allows them to do this.  

Not only are they gorgeous, they are comfortable.  The inside of the bracelets are flat, so they can be worn all day.  The outside profile is rounded which looks better on the wrist.

They look best paired with two or three more.  Stacking three or four together creates an amazing look.  You can mix closed bangle bracelets with open ones.  It's so much fun!

They go with anything.  Wear them with your jeans, at the office, or on a fancy night out on the town.  They look equally good in all settings.  You can't say that with all jewelry styles.



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