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Ancient Roman Gold Stater of Brutus-KOSON

Roman Gold Stater of BrutusCirca 44 - 50 BC



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Gorgeous gold stater over 2,000 years old!

Obverse: Three people walking. In center, Roman console, surrounded by a lictor (bodyguard) on either side holding an axe on shoulder. At bottom, the word KOSON is raised. Koson was a king in the area of Thrace, who was loyal to Brutus.

Reverse: Roman imperial eagle with spread wings, standing on a scepter. In it's right talon it is holding a laurel wreath.

Condition: This coin is uncirculated, mint state. Wow!

History: This beautiful coin has a fascinating history. Minted by Brutus about 44 - 50 BC, who had just participated in the assassination of Julius Caesar. He fled Rome, and put together an army in his bid to take power in Rome. And this coin was minted to pay the troops. Interestingly, the design of the coin was a bit of propaganda. Brutus grandfather was L. Brutus, and he had returned the country back to a Republic when he did away with the ruling emperor. He as seen as the hero among the people, and was one of the first members (consul) of the Roman Senate. So Brutus copied a coin design his grandfather had used, and the center figure on the obverse is his grandfather, L. Brutus. He was trying to align himself with his grandfather - one being the founder of the Republic and the other as the savior Republic.

Underneath the three figures is the word KOSON. This evidently is the name of king at that time in the area of Thrace (Greece) who was loyal to Brutus. Possibly he donated gold for these coins.

The coins were minted to pay Brutus army. It was customary at this time that the troops had to be paid immediately after battles. So the army would bring bars of gold with them while traveling from battle to battle. And before battles, they would melt the gold into planchets and strike the coin with dies to make the coins. Then the coins were buried and only the leader (Brutus in this case) and a few trusted advisors knew the secret location.

Well, as history tells us, Brutus lost the battle. Then he committed suicide by falling on his sword. Most likely the advisers who knew of the secret cache were also killed. So the coins remained buried for centuries - never circulating! That makes sense why these coins are all uncirculated.

Recently a Gold Stater of Brutus-Koson sold at auction in 2017 for $3289.
Here is the same coin selling on amazon for $6798.

Would make an amazing gift for the history buff! Also - we can design a necklace or a coin ring featuring this amazing 2,000 year old coin.


Gold, approx. 22K




50 - 44 BC


8.35 grams


20 mm


Mint State

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Ancient Roman Gold Stater of Brutus-KOSON$2,395.00
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