NYX - Polished Elysium Black Diamond

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A wedding band made entirely of black diamond? Really? Yep, this 8mm wide domed band is solid diamond, all the way through. Just amazing, right? Using proprietary methods, a diamond crystal is grown in a laboratory. Then after several other steps the diamond crystals are formed into this ring. It is the hardest ring on the planet. Why? Because it's a diamond, of course.

The ring is light weight on the finger (diamonds are not a dense material). The color is black and black throughout the ring. This is the only black colored ring that is not coated, plated, or otherwise artificially colored.

Depending upon your finger size, your ring will weigh between 20 - 30 carats. Even more than your lady's ring.

Want to know more about Elysium? Watch this video:

ITEM #: E8D-Polished Material: Elysium - Solid Diamond Width: 8mm Profile: Round Finish: Polished Sizing Fit: Standard (Non-Comfort Fit):

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