Tulang Naga Imperial Bracelet
Sterling Silver + 18K

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Handcrafted one at a time in Bali, Indonesia. The Balinese are noted as among the finest silversmiths in the world. This bracelet is from the IMPERIAL MENS COLLECTION.

The sterling silver link is weaved together by hand. The pattern is called Tulang Naga, and is famous in Bali for it's "snake scales" appearance.

Notice the 18k yellow gold beads on the clasp. Gives it a nice touch. Each bracelet takes about 20 hours to make.

Measures 8.5" long, 7mm wide and weighs 39.7 grams. Makes a great gift for the guy who appreciates hand crafted jewelry.

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Designer: Samuel B. Material: Sterling Silver Accents: 18K Yellow Gold Width: 7mm Length: 8.5" (Contact us for other sizes):

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