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Tantalum Rings

What is Tantalum? Tantalum is an element found in the earth. Its symbol on the periodic table of elements is Ta and its atomic number is 73. Tantalum derives its name from a villain in Greek mythology, Tantalus. Tantalum is rare, has a grayish-blue color that is darker than Titanium. It is corrosion resistant as well and will not tarnish. Tantalum is very dense, similar to platinum, so a tantalum ring will have a nice hefty weight to it. It is also hypo-allergenic.

We can customize a Tantalum ring just for you. Make it your way.

More About Tantalum Rings

Did you know that tantalum is a fairly recent discovery? Yes, it was discovered by Andres Ekeberg, a Swedish chemist in 1802. Tantalum is a rare transition metal and highly resistant to corrosion. For this reason, it has been used in applications such as nuclear reactors, missile parts, and aircraft. It's also used in surgical environments because it is completely immune to body liquids.

Tantalum is soft in its pure form, naturally gray in color and very ductile.

Tantalum rings are heavy because the material is very dense.

Tantalum rings will never break, crack, chip or discolor - like tungsten rings often do.

Tantalum rings when polished look light gray with a blue hue. When a finish is applied the metal darkens up and look very appealing to many men.