Damascus Steel + Woolly Mammoth Tusk

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Yes, you read that right - the knife handle is made from genuine Woolly Mammoth Tusk! Some experts suggest that the Wooly Mammoths roamed the earth over 15,000 years ago. So this material is OLD!

The Woolly Mammoth's would use their tusks to scrape snow and ice off of the frozen earth in order to get to the vegetation to eat. Due to this, many tusks there will be an indentation in them.

Another purpose of the Tusks for these Woolly Mammoths was to use them to show off for the females during mating season. Also, the Tusks were used for protection - so the tusks did take a lot of abuse. Again, you might find an indentation due to this. But, considering the reasons, I think it's pretty cool.

*Due to the natural nature of these materials patterns will vary.*

About the Damascus Steel : The damascus steel blade is solid, NOT laminated as some of the cheap knives are. The blade is made from VG10 Core and SUS410 high carbon stainless steel. The layers are folded over 33 times to create this fascinating pattern. Also, because it is made from Stainless Steel type you do not have to worry about rusting.
Designer: Santa Fe Stone Works Material: Cream Woolly Mammoth Tusk Knife Base: Stainless Steel Knife Type: Linerlock Blade: Damascus Steel Blade Length: 4":

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