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Fire Polish Diamond - .80ct

Fire Polish Diamond.80ct


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Why settle for an ordinary diamond, when you can have a Fire Polish diamond? A proprietary nano etching is done to the pavilion side of this diamond. This causes the light to "bend" when it comes back through the top of the diamond, creating amazing fire. You've never seen a diamond sparkle like this!

This diamond is cut to GIA Excellent Cut standards - so it already sparkled like crazy. Then the nano etching was done. The human eye (even with a 30x jewelers loupe) cannot see the nano etching. These microscopic cuts on the diamond are 1/50th the thickness of a human hair.

The end result is you get a diamond that blows away all other diamonds for fire and sparkle. This diamond will even outsparkle a D color, VVS1 diamond. Guaranteed.

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