Facets of Fire

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You've never seen a diamond with this kind of sparkle before. Facets of Fire diamonds are specially faceted using laser etched nano-facets. This causes an explosion of fire to radiate from this diamond.

The nano-facets are microscopic - 1/50th the size of a human hair. You can't see them even with a 20x jewelers loupe. (I've tried and I just cannot see them, only with our high powered microscope.) When the incoming light from the top of the diamond hits these nano-facets it causes the light to bend. Much like what happens when a rainbow forms in the sky. And every color in that rainbow flashes from the diamond. It's incredible. You can see this diamond from across the room, throwing off bursts of colorful sparkle.

You want a diamond that sparkles like no tomorrow, right? Then this is your stone. It's like having your very own fireworks show on your finger! This diamond is well over 2ct - weighing in at 2.13ct. It is graded and has a laboratory report by EGL USA as "G" color and "SI3" clarity, with an Ideal Cut displaying Hearts & Arrows. It is GORGEOUS!
Weight: 2.13ct Color: G Clarity: SI3 Cut: Ideal Hearts & Arrows Sparkle: Incredible Grading Lab: EGL USA Report #: 919632503D:

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