.76ct Pink Diamond Solitaire
SI1 / Rose Gold

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Girls love pink. And they love diamonds. Now she can have both. You're gonna melt her heart every time she looks down at her ring finger. The beautiful pink hues are richly romantic.

The diamond is a.76Ct genuine lab grown pink diamond. It is lab certified by IGI as SI1 clarity (very good) and Fancy Intense Pink color.

If you could find a mined diamond of the same size, color and clarity it would run you well over $100,000.
So not only are lab grown diamonds good for the environment, they are great on your wallet too.

Want to have some fun with this diamond? Take it to a night club, somewhere with UV lighting and watch the party happen! Why you ask? This diamond has Strong Orange fluorescence. Which means (only) under UV light this diamond will glow a bright orange color. You gotta see it to believe it.

Set in a rich 14k rose gold ring. We can also reset this diamond into a different design ring. Let's talk.
Metal: 14K Rose Gold Weight: .76ct Color: Fancy Intense Pink Clarity: SI1 Cut Grade: Excellent IGI Grading Report: LGG 1130603 Measurements: 5.93 x 6.01 x 3.55 mm:

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