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Fire Polish Diamonds

Fire Polish Diamonds @ Yates Jewelers - More Fire & Sparkle than any other diamond in the world!

A Diamond That Explodes with Amazing Bright Flashes of Fire.
More Fire, More Sparkle, More Brilliance.

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Unlike any other diamond you have ever seen, the visible difference of a Fire Polish diamonds is not subtle. You will see a major improvement in the performance of the diamond. You buy a diamond for its beauty, and Fire Polish diamonds are more beautiful. See one for yourself.

How do these diamonds have so much fire? Fire Polish diamonds have thousands of microscopic prisms cut onto the pavilion (the bottom half) of the diamond. Also called nano-faceting. When incoming light hits these 3-dimensional prisms, the light slows down and it bends. When light bends it releases all 7 colors of the rainbow. So the diamond flashes beautiful white from the main diamond facets and flashes the rainbow colors from the Fire Prisms.

It is similar to a rainbow. Raindrops are nature's prisms, and when the sunlight hits the tens of thousands of raindrops it bends the light into the spectral color and a rainbow is formed. It is fascinating and beautiful!

What our customers say:

"On Christmas Eve I got the surprise of my life. When I opened my gift it was a 1 carat Fire Polished Diamond ring. It is so beautiful and brilliant! The brilliant sparkle and color it radiates is so eye-catching it takes your breath away! I just absolutely love it.

Thanks Yates Jewelers! - Brenda Scott, Oakdale, CA

Come see a Fire Polish diamond in person. Play with Fire!